Sniper Africa Sniper Stretchy head wrap.

by Alex Couper
(Newcastle KZN SouthAfrica)

This one is more suited for winter

This one is more suited for winter

This one is more suited for winter Sniper Africa - Sniper Stretchy (Pattern: Grasslands) This is a shot of me useing the bandana/headwrap How you feel when it stops you from fogging up and you own the game with mad skills

First off, Hi. Welcome, to paintball tips and tricks. My name is Alex, and I've been jamming paintball just about under a year now. I live in South Africa.

It’s really hot here in the summer. And really cold in the winter. I role with a sierra one and if any of you have used one you'll know it gets heavy. And you get hot. Now unless you have a 130$ mask. You’re going to start fogging up.

This item has almost completely stopped my mask from fogging up. And I've used it for many other roles in my paintball setup.
When playing i use it like a bandana, it comes down to my eyebrows and what it does, is it stops any perspiration, or sweat. From getting near the mask. Also making it a comfy fit on my face.

This head wrap can also be used on your paintball gun to camouflage it, or as a scarf to keep warm. I’ve even used it to keep a broken hopper from falling off the gun during a game

It’s made out of light cotton and you can wet it. Ring it out and 2 minutes later it’s dry and fresh for use.

I recommend this as an affordable fix to anyone who's playing paintball and has fogging problems. Or as a very versatile peace of camouflage that can be adapted to almost anything.

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Sniper Africa Sniper Stretchy head wrap. NEW
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Jul 04, 2012
Serious consideration NEW
by: __FLATLINE__

Over the last few months i have had many friends constantly bugging me to join paintball, but money and time are issues. Reading up on this has made me seriously consider getting into the sport, as i like to know whats going on before i commit.


Jul 03, 2012
Very nice for cold weather NEW
by: Jan Kleynhans

Good morning

Had a chance to try this out helped reduce my fogging issue very drastically! who would have thought that something so simple would solve a annoying issue like fogging.

Thanks so much

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