Tips And Tricks For Paintball Players And Great Paintball Equipment Reviews

Improve your paintball game, read reviews, and uncover little known tips that will help you win more often! My first game was over ten years ago and I want to share the experiences I've had. Plus, I'll share other players experiences, post good articles, and much more...

If you want to know the basics or if you want advanced tips and equipment reviews then you have come to the right place!

It Might Be The Most Addictive Sport In the World...

The rush you get after taking out a few players on the opposing team makes you want more. And capturing the other teams flag and winning a game after a hard fought battle is inspiring.

Whether you are an advanced player or just starting out, I think you'll agree that paintball is the most exciting sport you have participated in. The action is non stop, your adrenaline pumps like mad, and you can't stop thinking about it...


My FREE Paintball Tips Mini Course will help you improve your game instantly. Even the most seasoned players will discover new helpful tips and information.

Amazing Growth

Paintball is growing rapidly in popularity. Anyone can play, and everyone has fun. Experienced players are now getting significant endorsements and many are getting paid exciting amounts of money as professionals. Specialized, highly advanced equipment is available for all players. For example the new Angel guns are basically computers that out-shoot almost anything available and their price reflects the advanced technology. But you don't need to have all the expensive top of the line gear to have a fun and exciting time. Some of the best players have guns that are 3 or 4 years old (with upgrades of course).

Do You Want To Become A Better Player?

paint ball team playerYou're going to like the answer to this question: It simply requires practice! Get out there with some friends and play. If you want get REALLY good, maybe even professional, you should study successful strategies and tactics for each of the different paintball games. To be successful in tournaments and grow as a player you also need to be a team player. Good teams need you to play a role to help your team win.

What Your Fellow Players Are Saying:

New tips and tactics are being submitted and discussed here. Please feel free to submit your own strategies and make constructive comments on others posts.


New paint guns and gear are being produced by the truckload. It's easy to get confused and frustrated on what to buy. That's why we wrote a helpful article and created a review board for your fellow players to submit their own reviews of their guns. Check it out and submit your own!

To help you sift and sort through the right products and help you save money. You'll find these articles on the Nav bar to the left or you can scroll below. New articles are being written on a weekly and monthly basis so you may want to bookmark my site or sign up for our FREE quality mini course. After you sign up for our paint ball ezine, search through our site for tips and tactics that will help you become better at paint ball.

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