Overview of the 2005 Autococker

2005 Autococker - Your Money's Worth

The 2005 Auto cocker is a very

efficient paintball gun, no matter what model you get.

It has the CNC crushed unibody lightweight design and is stylish, with an air efficient operation. It has a high-pressure valve, with a vertical nitrogen air receiver and adapter, an angled bottom-line, an incorporated 3-way volumizer and a highly polished, anodized finish surface.

It also has a closed fastened precision, along with a speed adjuster cap, a pull-pin, a micro-polished ram sleeve and a safety push button. In addition to these features it has a gas through fore grip and panel grips, along with a compressed solitary finger blade trigger and a 12-inch threaded barrel. The 2005 autococker has a comfortable frame, swelling at the bottom, helping to prop the gun with ease and to hide the hinged battery door.

This is an awesome gun. The trigger is so easy to shoot and fast. The gun can take a lot of ill-treatment but it requires immediate cleaning. Get use to the trigger before it is used in play. Avoid short stroking of the trigger. Pull the trigger all the way back and forward to get 9 or 10 bps. Without nitrogen 2005 Autococker is no good. To prevent pneumatics shocks buy a pneumatics shroud. They may not look good but it saves the gun from damage.

2005 SuperStock E-Cocker

2005 Autococker

2005 Autococker Sport

2005 WGP Autococker Sport

2005 Autococker Compeition

2005 WGP Autococker Compeition

2005 Auto-cocker Pro

2005 WGP Autococker Pro

A Must Buy - Some More Outstanding Features
The 2005 Auto cocker is a splendid gun, as it has a swing lightweight trigger, which is fast and easy to shoot with. The trigger is also adjustable in three different ways, making the 2005 autococker well worth the price you pay to own it. The break-beam eyes are standard and can see all the balls - black, yellow, swirl, half-and-half, brown, white, tigerstripe, mauve, regardless of their color. Connecting the eyes to the circuitry are two thick gauge wires, with strong connections to the electronics. The high quality delrin bolt has an open face to permit tremendously high flow rates to the ball and a flat edge to stop the ball from rolling back. It has a titanium pull pin that is unbreakable and decreases the time taken by each cycle, thereby increasing the shot rate. With the potential exceeding 40 cycles per second, the shooter wants the strongest and lightest material available. Thus the titanium pull pin is useful.

The integrated volumizer increases the availability of the amount of precision regulated air. The 2005 auto cocker is also easy to reload. All you need to do is loosen one screw, flip the hinged door up and slide a new battery in. The gun has a consistent regulator, easily adjustable from the bottom, with the pressure displayed in an easy-to-read gauge mounted on the top. Underneath the autococker threaded barrel is the autococker-compatible Low Pressure Regulator (LPR). From it there are two high-flow barbs that rotate on an even rotating fitting.

For up gradation possibilities: an Oracle bolt, new pneumatics E-Blade and a Dye Ultralite barrel. Invest in a pneumatics guard/shroud. Nitro.

It is humane nature that one gets attracted to something that is exclusive and people want to be special by purchasing the best stuff available in the market. Do not hesitate. Just step forward and be the proud owner of the 2005 autococker.

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