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Paintball Success Tips, Issue #007 -- 11 gifts for paintball players!
December 10, 2004

11 Low Priced Yet High Quality Paintball Gifts

Here is a list of the paintball gifts that can be given to a paintball lover

or for yourself for that mattter. These will certainly make your paintball experience all the more fun, not to mention safer.

We could make an enormous list and we were pulling our hair out trying to come up with a tight list. A list that that would satisfy those of us who are low on cash yet high on expectations, when it comes to paintball gear. So we managed this list of 11 paintball gifts to get yourself, a friend, or a family member...

1) The Kingman Spyder TL-X Marker: This paintball marker and gun has a smooth and sleek style combined with a semi automatic trigger action. It has a drop forward setup, a low pressure chamber and a tournament velocity adjuster. A bottom line setup with a stainless steel hose makes this marker one of the top in its category and a very special gift.

2) JT USA Mask: This elite head shield mask comes with goggles which give you a comfortable fit and full coverage protection. The rear occipital plate is fully adjustable to cover your head and back of the neck to provide you protection from a paintball randomly hitting you at the top of your head or at the back.

3) PMI Pure Energy 20 oz Aluminum CO2 Tank: This Pure Energy tank is made from durable aluminum and is light in weight for easy carry. It includes a pin valve and is designed for personal use.

4) Motorola T7400 Two Pack 2 way Radios: This Motorola double pack contains 2 way radios that are fully rechargeable. The radios have 22 channels, 99 codes to reduce and eliminate interference, and also a built-in iVOX. Both the radios are also equipped with 10 audible call tones, a noise filter called Quiet Talk, and have access to NOAA bands.

5) The Kingman Spyder TL-R Deluxe Pack: This deluxe pack comes with a Spyder marker, a JAVA X type mask, a JAVA 200 round loader, a JAVA 12 oz aluminum CO2 tank, and a JAVA jerk squeegee with a swab. The marker has a rear cocking bolt and an expansion, low pressure chamber. This all in one deluxe pack can be the ultimate gift for a paintballer.

6) Hoppe's Deluxe Paintball Gun Cleaning Kit: This deluxe cleaning kit has all the necessary equipment for the complete maintenance of your paintball gun or even a quick gun cleaning during tournaments.

7) Empire Fuel Paint 2000 Count: These Empire Fuel paintballs are designed to be of a tournament grade. They are for the serious player who wants a quality paintball which will break only on impact and not in the barrel of the gun. This pack gives you 2000 paintballs.

8) Empire Spike Jersey and Tournament Pants: The jersey gives you style as well as being highly functional. It has a silicone grip zone to help keep your marker from slipping, and a square stitch pattern for reducing the pull from harnesses. It also has padded elbows which give you extra protection against rough landings. Empire pants help to complete the look and come in various color combinations including black and blue, black and red, and black and yellow. The set makes for a great gift.

9) Paintball Videos and DVDs: Paintball DVDs such as the "Beyond the Fifty" and more videos give great paintball action from the world cups as well as interviews of famous paintball players and coaches. These videos are a treat to watch when you are not actually playing.

10) Bags and Duffels: These make a great gift for paintballers as it helps them to keep all their paintball supplies in one place and ready to go.

11) Paintball Shoes and Cleats: Getting a good pair of paintball shoes is crucial. You don't want to be slipping around, and you don't want your feet to get cold. Spend your money on a good pair of paintball shoes and/or cleats. Paintball cleats are ery effective. I prefer paintball cleats in damp conditions. Even dry condtions depending on the terrain.


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