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Paintball Success Tips, Issue #010 -- Paintball Movement
January 22, 2005

The Fundamentals Of Paintball Movement...

Like all sports, establishing a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the game
is crucial to your success.

SIDE BAR: You can see why a weak foundation in fundamentals is important. Just take a look at the smack-down the US Basketall Team took in the Olympics. They were great athletes, but the other countries excelled at the fundamentals (passing, team defense, and unselfish play). I digress...

In paintball, it's no different. If you practice and excell at the fundamentals you will become a better player faster. And teams will snatch you up.

Below is a good article on SOME of the most important fundamentals in movement. And we took what we think is a cool angle on it. You'll see...

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OK, onward...

The latest article is up. Usually we like to put up two or three at a time, but, time is hard to find lately.

Hope you enjoy it...

Individual Movement Strategies.


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