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Paintball Success Tips, Issue #15 -- Beginners: Paintball Don'ts
April 02, 2005

For Beginners Only...

Paintball Don'ts for Beginners:

Learning a new game can be fun, tricky and overwhelming at the same time.
Sometimes, the more overwhelming it is however, the less fun it seems. Paintball is all about fun and having a good time playing in the open air (unless you are indoors, of course) with a bunch of friends. Oh- and another team whose goal is to kill you.

But, all joking aside, there are rules to follow. Understanding the rules is pivotal in the beginner's introduction to this sport. This article will go over some common mistakes made by beginners when first playing paintball. These don'ts should be avoided at all costs to maximize the success and fun of the game.

Don't mean to steal the words of the mom in everyone's favorite Christmas movie. In fact, to spare you the film reference, I'll paraphrase. "You'll get your eye shot out!" The mask is perhaps the best piece of safety equipment you'll wear, as it protects one of our most valuable assets- our eyes.

Taking off your mask, even in downtime, can result in a tragic accident. Forget about not being able to see an opponent during play, think about not being able to see well for the rest of time. Keep your mask on at all times, until you are off the field.

You know, referees have such a rough job. Everyone who plays a sport, for the most part, knows and understands the rules. Yet, many tend to ignore or question a ref's call. (Or, remember why the lifeguard told you not to run around the pool? Let's take a show of hands of those who broke their noses ignoring their warnings….)

In paintball, like many other sports, safety is an issue. Listening to the referee will keep everyone's safety in check.

No one likes a cheat, as they say. Getting hit on the playing field can be a devastating blow. But, do not take the cheap way out and wipe off the paint, pretending not to get hit. It is just not fair to the other players. Many people, especially more advanced players, take this game very seriously. If someone is hit, they suck it up and remove oneself from the game like the rules say.

No one likes to play with someone who cheats if they do not get their way, so start off right, and play right! Besides, cheaters are bound to get caught, resulting in getting kicked off the field. If playing at a smaller field, a cheater's reputation could also be tarnished, preventing future willingness for others to play with them.

Most people play paintball to win. And, this is in fact a team game. So, if one runs out of paint or air, they should not instantly mope off the field. Rather, they could be of great asset to the team as a decoy for others with ammunition to move in toward the enemy. In essence, someone staying in the game in this situation could make a game-winning sacrifice.

Additionally, staying in the game while pretending to still have paintballs can be a way to gather more information about where enemies are, or push enemies out of the way. So, running out of fire does not mean running out of game play!


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