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Paintball Success Tips, Issue #001 -- Zoning Up!
February 02, 2004

"Zone Up!!!"

Welcome to the very first issue of Paintball Success Tips!
It's been a long time coming so lets dig in...

Why Game Planning Is Crucial...

If you don’t have a plan and your opponent does, you’re instantly at a disadvantage.

I learned this, again, during a backyard game on New Years Eve. We won 3 out of 5 games. The two we lost were the only games we didn’t have a plan. We were over confident.

It's even more important for Speedball or Hyperball games because they are fast and furious, and without a sound paintball strategy you are asking to get taken out quickly...

More Tips:

Communicate with your teammates. For example, if you see an opponent revealing himself/herself from a bunker and your teammate doesn’t see the opportunity (and they have a better angle), call out to your teammate to be sure they get the picture to go a little “Rambo” because they have a high probability of taking them out quickly.

Are you Zoning Up? Zoning up refers to a situation where you and a teammate help each other from getting bunkered.

For example, if you and a teammate are on opposite bunkers from one another (you are on the right and your teammate is on the left), your objective is to fire into the left lane to cove him or her, and they fire into the left “lane” to keep your zone covered.

Otherwise the opposing team, who may be up a player will find ways to keep you both distracted and then take you out one by one (if you are not Zoning up in this case, the middle area is a "soft" area for the opposing team to work. If they are smart.)

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Tip Of The Day:

Invest in a high quality face mask. I will only play with a high quality face mask that doesn’t fog up.

I didn’t have a high quality face mask for an all day capture the flag session (for reasons that are not worth getting into), and ended up with a cheap one. It was a PMI, but it didn’t have a fan.

I had fun, but as we progressed through matches it fogged up, and eventually it wasn’t fun anymore.

So get a face mask with a fan built in, or buy a fan and install it yourself.


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