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Paintball Success Tips, Issue #12 -- Play tight and more tips!
February 16, 2005

How To Become Less Of A Target...

In the last couple of articles (see the back issues link at the bottom), we
discussed how to improve aim, and how to incorporate individual movement strategies into your game. Now lets look at a few more important paintball techniques...

Playing Tight: Small tips, big difference!

Ever hear the saying you make a better door than a window? When you are in the way, it is obvious. That can be said for paintball too. And, obvious is obviously something a player does not want to be.
The bigger a player appears to be, the easier they are to hit. And, the object of paintball is to, of course, not get hit. By bigger, we do not mean one's stature or body type, but the way they are presenting themselves on the field. Believe it or not, things like elbows can make all the difference in a friendly game of capture the flag.

This article will highlight some helpful tips players can implement into their game to make them, well, have a better game, and prepare them to become not such an easy target to hit. Coupled with other strategies, playing tight is one sure way to be paint-free longer.

Crouching Player, Hidden Target

The first, and probably most obvious method of becoming smaller is crouching. Crouching seems to be a lost position, as we no longer have to do it in front of the television set, thanks to remote controls. On a paintball field, however, this could be a savior. When crouching, players should tuck their bodies in as close as possible, making sure knees and elbows are not protruding out. This is almost like being in the fetal position, but upright. Another way to look at this is as if the player is rolled up in a ball.


Another way to be lesser of a target is pay more attention to posture and actions when behind a barrier. For one thing, players should look around a barrier, not over it, as this will keep showing the head to a minimum. Once again, elbows need to be minded, as they can stick out from a barrier. They should be kept tight against the body to prevent that from happening.

Moving Tight

Not only can one stand and sit tight while playing paintball, but also move in a tighter manner. Players can use tighter moves, such as crawling, which makes them lower to the ground. When moving while walking or running, keep arms tight to the body. This goes for gear as well, which should also be held close as possible to the body.


Gear itself can make a player a bigger target than they need to be. The weapon being carried can easily be held closer to the body to appear smaller. However, gear that is attached and being carried on a player's body can indeed stick out, resulting in higher visibility by an enemy. Be certain that gear, such as an extra loader, hopper, tank and any additional pieces are not showing more than they ought to.

These small tips will make one big difference once implemented on the playing field. Share these tips with the rest of the team and maximize your cover. So, keep those elbows in check, and perhaps practice crouching by giving that remote control a break.


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