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Paintball Success Tips, Issue #16 -- Retreating?
April 13, 2005
, Do you know when to retreat?

How And When To Retreat

The Art Of Retreating...

In paintball it is very important to know when and how to make assaults on
your opposing team. Depending on your team tactics you should be able to attack the opponents. But many a time assaults fail and you may be forced to retreat or else you might be completely wiped out of the game. This is known as a retreating.

But taking heavy fire is not the only reason to retreat. It may be to reposition your self in the field to take better cover. But paintball retreating should be with a purpose and should be designed to put your team in a better position. Even if you are retreating, you can gun down the opponent by good planning and teamwork.

When you retreat move as a group. Your best defense is your combined firepower.

The best way to adopt a retreat is to continuously open fire at the opponent for 2-3secs and make them duck their heads so that you can have time to move to your place. During the retreat you should turn around and look where the enemy is because if you lose the sight of the enemy you wont know where they are and that could be very dangerous.

A good paintball retreat is not only running helter-skelter but to move in a planned manner.

You will be surprised at how many enemies you eliminate during a retreat. When you retreat the opponent may think that you are backing out and you are running as fast as you could. This is time when you attack the opponent, as he might not be expecting fire from you.

Sometimes you may require to retreat in order to make the enemy fall in to your trap. By staying engaged in continuous fire while retreating the opponent may think that they are winning the battle instead of walking into the trap. And that's what you are doing. The only time you should do a paintball retreat without firing is when your teammates need help. Then also you should move as a unit and open fire occasionally.

The time to stop retreating is when you are no longer being shot at. By doing this you are virtually eliminating yourself from the game and giving the enemy the undue advantage to do whatever he wants.

Retreat only until you are fighting on even terms and stand your ground.

This paintball guide is recommended. It's loaded with tips that will help you win at paintball.


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