A Paintball Story

by Calvin England
(Martinsville, Indiana, USA)

I was playing on a small field with 2 other people. We didn't have a whole lot of people but still had fun. Me and kid #1 decided to team up on kid #2. we started out like hide and seek. Me and kid #1 ran straight forward (kid #2 didn't know where we went) and the hunt was on. We got about 200 yards into the woods and started to hear shots. He shot back randomly and I decided to take the defensive. There was a river bank we found about 10 feet tall where decided to take cover. Kid #1 hide where kid #2 saw him last, right over the bank. I decided to seize the opportunity and get into a good position and flank him. The river bank did a somewhat turn not too far from where we were at and I decided to use it. Kid #1 just got killed by kid #2 (shot in the face) and I was at kid #2's o'clock. I took the chance...he was maybe 100 feet away...I was using a viewloader orian...first time I ever used this gun...Ii shot 5 quick balls and 3 hit...tagging his right side. Moral of the story is always use the environment to your advantage and to remember group tactics. Always be in a good position for a flank.

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Sep 12, 2007
by: Anonymous

meh. not bad story but a little basic

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