A Pincer Move


A pincer move...

What you need is 3 or more players. Break into 3 teams, they don't have to be even. The team with the most players (or if you have even players then get the best team) to go up the middle, while the other two team's go up the sides. 99% of the time its fool proof. Also, if you have 4 players, than have 1 man stay back, for covering fire. Make sure he has a lot of ammo, and maybe some pods, and grenades. I have used this strategy many times, and it worked all the times except for once, because we were out gunned and out #ed. So try this out, and hope fully it will get you some cash in the tournaments. One more thing, like all grate strategies, try not to use this on the same team too many times. They'll start to catch on.

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