Advice For Over-The-Hill Paintballers

by Anon

If you are a bit out of shape and older like me, 41. AND if you have teenage sons that you play with, BUY THEM PAINTBALL GEAR!!! The tip here is, really bright colored non-natural colored gear!!! Buy yourself the best camouflage you can get and a good fast firing gun like a Tippmann A-5 with a 3 shot burst trigger. Then don't shoot until you see them first. Good luck and stay low!!! Sneak, shoot, kill, move.....

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Apr 16, 2010
try this
by: shawn p.

you could just wait for him...but thats no fun. instead try to move a couple yards and stop to take a REALLY good look around. if he sees u he will "set up" (move to get the best shot). when he does this wait, and with time and practice u can move to an angle where he has a really hard time getting a clear shot cuse of his little hut. have fun!

Dec 15, 2008
Paintball 1 vs 1 question
by: Corbin

I just have a question and just putting it out there.Once a month i drive to my friends house to play paintball. He owns a lot of land and we play 1 on 1.He has alot of land to play in so it takes a long time to find him, He always wins, and the reason is that he picks up bracheches and makes a giant bunker or camps in a pile of leaves or something. I know the feild somewhat, but he knows it really well to position himself where i cant see him.It seems like hes the hunter and im the deer thats bound to get shot.But i noticed that he gets frustrated after 40min of waiting, he then comes looking after me. Should i play him at his own game and build a bunker of my own and wait? plz relpy with ANY ideas i really wanna get the feeling of beating him for onnce.
e- mail me at (appreciate it)

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