by Sam
(Stansbury Park Ut.)

About 3 months ago I joined a 3 man tounrney.

There was 3 catergories, bronze, silver, and gold.

My team and I put ourselves in the silver group.
Playing from 8am to 9pm was really a rush of adrrenline. I had 2 great learning expierneces during the tourney. The first one is when you are at a bunker and someone knows you are there you need to to get a shot at them, if any thing put some paint on their bunker to let them know you know they are there. When you get your shots off they will continously start to bobble up and down from the bunker, if you get their judging right, its best if you run straight to that bunker they are at, SPEED is best for this, if not enough speed it can have a bad turnout. When you reach there bunker its common sense go around the corner and do what you have to do.

So this same tourney we got to gold finlas playing the last team, they were 3 larger older men, We didnt let them get to our heads. Although I swear I shot them about 5 times before they went out, the balls just bounced off of them cause they were bigger then usuall it was like the player abosorbed the balls velocity. So a hint of my advice if they are not seeming to go out or your balls arnt breaking AIM for there testicles, yes it is harsh but its the only key to winning, you gotta do what it takes to win,AT the time I set my ion to rebound after i got the idea of shooting him in the "good spot" i pullled my trigger about 4 times and as soon as the first ball hit him he went down and then i had few more balls re-assuring my shot =)

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Jun 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Horrible advice

Jan 05, 2008
Good tip
by: Anonymous


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