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Airball is a form of speedball that is played with inflatable bunkers. These days, air-ball fields and bunkers are becoming more and more popular, because they are cheap and very easy to install. Air-ball fields are a rage not only because of their ease of use, but also due to their surprising durability.

There are quite a few companies producing paintball fields and bunkers. Ultimate Air-ball™ is probably the most popular of these companies. They build their airball paintball bunker systems to withstand all the harshness of airball paintball and they last many seasons, so you can depend on them.

Airball paintball bunkers and fields are made in all sizes for a specified number of players. The more the players, the bigger the field you need. The manufacturers are well aware of this and take it into consideration when they make them. What makes these systems so good is the fact that they use a combination of high quality materials and sturdy, reliable valve systems to make the rugged, durable vinyl bunkers that last so long.

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One advantage of these systems is that they can be arranged in a staggering variety of combinations to create the perfect field to play in. The fact that these bunkers are so light makes them easy to move around and place strategically in any place. The paintball bunkers are also large enough for players to hide behind, and they provide valuable obstacles for play. After all, the days of playing in woods and untamed fields are gone, and paintball fields need to be designed strategically to provide maximum entertainment to the players.

But the fact is that the airball bunkers, being inflatable, have to be taken good care of. They can be inflated within minutes, but if they get damaged, then they cannot be used at all until they are repaired. You must take note of any harsh abrasions on the fabric, and you must also remove any paint or dirt which might conceal the damage. Because the bunkers are airtight, you must take care to fill a little less air if play is taking place in the afternoon. Otherwise, the bunkers may have excessive bounce. If play is in the evening, then take care to fill a little more air in the evening to compensate for the loss of volume.

Overall, air-ball paintball bunkers have a huge advantage over the older models because they are cheaper, easy to use and maintain. Also, they do not cause any physical damage to the players, and they are large enough to hide behind. This is why we see that airball fields and bunkers are becoming more and more popular among serious paintball players.

Air-ball Paintball systems are certainly the future of paintball now, and before your system gets outdated, make sure to shift to airball systems. They are cheaper, better and give you a much better value for money.

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