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The Airsoft pellet guns shoot static round plastic balls, of 6mm at safe speeds. It has muzzle energy of 0.2-0.8 Joule and is non-lethal. It looks real, is flexible and reasonably priced. It is an interesting purchase for the consumer who practices target shooting for fun and not as a dangerous sport.

Airsoft Suppliers also sell pellet guns and ammo in wholesale. The complete full size Airsoft Pistol, with Laser comes with an attractive looking Screw-On Silencer, High Capacity Magazine, Adjustable Cross Sights and removable Laser Sight.

An attractive gift-wrapped black pellet toy gun is the right choice to gift a friend. It is great for target practice, with a spring activated 10 round magazine and starter pack of balls. It shoots about 200 feet per second, around 6.5" in length. The pellets are of superior quality and 2000 come in a pack. For the gun to be loaded easily there is a speed loader with a screw off cap and nozzle. When empty, the bottle can be filled again.

If you are looking for a list of airsoft suppliers search the Google directory under airsoft suppliers. Or go to Ebay and search for Airsoft Suppliers or Airsoft supplies (guns, ammo, etc.):

Types Of Airsoft Suppliers Guns
Spring Pistols and Rifles: In spring air powered category are the automatics, competition/race guns, submachine pistol, carbines, bull pups and sniper rifles. They are easy to operate and stylish. Make a good collector's item and can also be used for fun. It is designed in such a way that there is no maintenance problem, is long lasting, has a low failure rate and is reasonably priced.

To operate the Spring Airsoft gun, pull the slide that is at the top of the gun for each shot. The piston head will move to draw air into the cylinder and then compresses the spring behind the piston. At the end of the piston head's travel, a hook or "sear" holds the piston in position with the spring at full compression. On pulling the trigger, the sear releases the piston, letting it move forward from the energy freed by the compressed spring.

The pressure of the air that is formed inside the cylinder causes a jet of air that propels the balls and sends it on it's way to the barrel and then towards the target. The name Airsoft is thus derived from the process involved.

Gas Guns: The Gas Airsoft gun achieves the most efficient performance and is run on a gas driven device. "Non-Blowback" and "Blowback" are the sub-category models of gas powered Airsoft guns. Low-temperature carbon dioxide, Freon, and "green gas" are the most popular of the gases used. The gas is moreover injected into a reservoir chamber within the gun or magazine or attached to an external body containing the gas cylinder and an expansion tank. When the trigger is pulled, gas is freed at a valve on top of the reservoir or from the expansion tank, depending on the design. The small amount of cold gas reacts with the warmer air, expands right away and is guided through a directed nozzle at the balls. The resulting pressure shoots out the balls from the barrel towards the proposed target.

Electrics: The most popular Airsoft gun is the "Air Electric" gun. The electric powered mechanisms are mostly enclosed in a large gun with a high power magazine. The "Mini AirSoft" Guns are a good collection for beginners, who are getting started into Airsoft guns.

Airsoft suppliers are not difficult to find on the internet, but you should be cautious as to how much they charge, their guarantees, and what shipping and handling charges are exactly. Get from your airsoft suppliers a written agreement whether you are buying retail or wholesale to be sure you don't get 'taken'.

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