Review Of Angel Paintball Guns

Angel Paintball Guns: About five years ago, a barely known company decided to put on the market its most ambitious product- an air system called Govnair.

There was some trouble with it at first, but after they solved the problems it turned out to be a huge success for Angel.

This system quickly spread all over the world and made the name of its producer famous. It was England’s WDP (Angel).

But this success was nothing compared to the one which Angel has nowadays. “But what do they produce, that makes them so famous all over the world?” They produce some of the most sophisticated paintguns in the world.

After the great and unexpected success of Angel’s Govnair, the company ventured on making paintball markers. And its modelers totally reinvented paintball guns as a whole. angel paintball guns Angel paintball guns were created with so much attention to the perfect quality, the mechanics and design, that now Angel paintball guns are absolutely and surely the most reliable and the best-performing paintball markers.

The aim of the Angel’s producers is to make everyone, playing paintball, want an Angel paintball gun. No matter, whether advanced or not, but everyone. These guns must obsess the mind of each player and that is what exactly they have done.

Angels the markers that paintball players dream about. But what makes these Angel's so deeply desired? Well, it is not a single thing. But have a look at only 2 or 3 of their features and you will see for yourself.

The latest Angel marker is the Angel LCD...

angel paintball gun

Let’s start with the Angel trigger. At first, it is electronic and 3 modes of firing. You can adjust its sensitivity and its maximum is, you may not believe it, 15 shots per second!!! This rate of fire is simply amazing! And you don’t even have to pull the trigger, as of course, a man cannot pull it 15 times in a single second. The only thing that stops you for a while from shooting here and there is for switching your computer chips in it. But, it would be better, if you don’t use this firing mode unless you play on a field, on which is allowed to use electronic markers, and your opponents don’t mind being blown out.

The reason for this is that the paintball flow of Angel paintball guns is so extremely powerful that it can hurt your opponent really seriously. But if you still want to use this option of your Angel paintball gun, why don’t you choose the mode for 10, or even 7 paintballs per second? It will be really effective and less dangerous. And if you are disappointed by the fact that you can't use all of Angel paintball guns full capabilities, there are great many other features that will positively make up for this fact. After all, you can upgrade Angel paintball guns to the point where you will have THE BEST OF THE BEST paintball gun.

In fact, most paintball guns cant't compare with an Angel. The latest and modern new guns are probably closer to it but they are still so far away that cannot compare with it. And that is what Angel paintball guns are- an angel. A high-tech marker.

So, after all you have learned by now, don’t you think that the Angel producers have succeeded in their work? They have made THE PERFECT GUN. And there is no place for arguments. You will like it immensely. You will simply fall in love with an Angel.

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