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Armotech paintball guns: Another big name in paintball in the USA. Armotech guns have been distributed by Armotech USA since the first of October


Armotech paintball guns are thought to be reliable and with a great looking and modern design. Armotech markers are divided into 3 groups, according to their usage in paintball:



Backup - pistols.

Speedball is a game, very similar to paintball. Armotech has decided to produce weapons for it. These markers are from a special part of the production of the company, called Speedball Series. From this series of markers you can find the speedball gun you like most. And you will definitely find it, as these markers perform at the highest level and are also reliable and extremely good looking.

The next Armotech paint gun is the one used in paintball war-games. This type is represented by the Sim-4 Series (formerly called, Armotech WG65 series. Sim-4 is a brand new line of Armotech paintball guns and it's the only series they are now producing.) These Armotech paintball guns are made for Police and Military for training scenarios. That is why the company has achieved the extremely solid construction, which is also made in such a way that requires minimal maintenance.

Armotech paintball guns are very accurate too, which is definitely something rare! They are powered with CO2 or pressured-air tanks, in fact- standard tanks used by the other paintball manufacturers. As well as their other features, the rear velocity adjustment makes the WG65 Armotech paintball guns (now the Sim-4) acceptable for almost every field, but Armotech paintball guns ARE NOT TOYS! As they are the finest replica markers ever made, avoid carrying them in public places.

These paintball guns cannot cause any harm, but their appearances are deceiving and you don’t know who you may deceive.


SIM-4 R.I.S.

SIM-4 Elite

SIM-4 R.I.S. Elite


And the last of the Armotech markers are the Pistols (and no longer in production according to the Armotech website), represented by the company’s Zeus Series (these paintball guns are now out of production, so you may be able to find one used. All guns have been replaced by the Sim-4 Series described above). They are simple and superbly stylish pistols. They are undoubtedly unique and the most preferred as back-up paintball guns than any other type of paintball markers at all.

These particular ones are powered by a single CO2 powerlet and have one amazing option, showing their tournament style- the possibility of quick changing of the tank. They have other disadvantages such as the missing feature of being easily upgraded or having a special rubber grip that gives you immense comfort when playing.

And to summarize, it appears, that Armotech markers are produced at a high level and in a good variety of models. So, no matter how pretentious you are, you will certainly find the marker that suits you best and which will give you immense pleasure of the paintball game.

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