Tips On Autococker Bodies and Autococker Body Kits

Make It Easy With Autococker Bodies

Auto-cocker bodies have a very pleasing look and quality. Buy one autococker

kit and you'll make heads turn on and off the field with accuracy and speed.

Few Models of Auto cocker body kits
Sandridge F5 electronic bodies have a gaudy looking front end. This auto cocker body has an angel grip and can shoot as fast as an angel but would not cut paint with this new fangled anti-chop eye. For this interesting combination you would fall in love with this autococker. There are about a dozen different body styles to choose from. The trigger is short and fast. The free flow runs in at approximate 200psi range.

AIM autococker bodies...Eagle 21 is manufactured by AIM Paintball, has a unique style of autococker body, which is cosmetically very appealing, very original and uncommon. It would attract many because of its complex and original milling design. There are dozen different choices of colors and fades. Their red/orange fade body has the more unique look. The kit comes with six pieces, consisting of the body, front and back block, 15 deg. ASA, and a high and low rise. Newer kits are now 11 pieces, including the front block and ASA screw, plus corresponding o-rings.

Great care has been taken to ensure all machine marks are removed from the body before polishing and anodizing. The overall finish on the body is extremely well done. A lot of care has been taken in the fine details too, such as where the front and back blocks meet up with the body. Both blocks have small amounts of milling on them that mate up nicely to designs on the body. The internals are finely polished for the smoothest of bolt operation, and will accept any standard sized 2K Autococker bolt. No sort of modification is necessary assembling with variety of aftermarket parts with the body.

Turtle autococker bodies...The Turtle Cocker body kit comes with just about everything, body, back block, pump arm, valve and hammer you need. The quality is excellent and fit is perfect. The bolt seals extremely well when doing the reverse blow test. Since the Back Block and Bolt is made of Delrin you have a much lighter cocking mass. This should allow increased cocking speed and lower cocking pressure. The valve is a whole new design. It doesn't use a standard valve seat and the spring is on the hammer end and not on the other end like most valves. It is basically a ball bearing that seals in a cone.

Worrblade autococker bodies...Worrblade Electronic body kit includes a redesigned double-finger curved trigger, a larger trigger guard for players who like to have gloves on, while playing, an integrated dovetail rail, universal with most rail based air systems and air system adapters. The kit also includes two upgrades for the cocker. A Delrin bolt with o-rings helps create a tight seal and reduce any blowback. The lockdown hammer with a nylon insert prevents the lug from slipping during high rates of fire. It is all speed and accuracy in the same package. The Worrblade is available in Chrome and Black.

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