If You Want To Know More About The Autococker Shroud and Where To Get One, Here's Some Info...

An autococker shroud is made of metal, aluminum or plastic and is slid over

the barrel of a paintball gun in order to conceal exposed pneumatics. This not only protects your gun against blasts of paints or hard knocks to the ground, it can also protect the gun from accidentally going off. Some autococker shrouds are affixed to the gun with nuts and bolts and take a screwdriver or two to remove. Others are simply a glove-like component that can be slid easily off of the gun.

Very early paintball guns from the late eighties and early nineties sometimes boasted an autococker shroud that was made of drapable filmy plastic. These shrouds resembled flags that hung down on either side of the gun's mechanism. Although this did prevent the gun's sensitive pneumatic mechanism from getting clogged with paint, these type of shrouds did not offer the gun much protection when it came to it being knocked around on the playing field. Many professional paintball players today also prefer the more military look of a plastic or metal autococker shroud rather than the collegiate look of a shroud made out of plastic fabric.

autococker shroud For those of you who are not familiar with an autococker gun, it is a paintball marker that will shoot both C02 and compressed air (nitrogen.) Besides the Tippmann A5 and the Tippmann Custom 98 paintball guns, the Autococker is the most highly customizable gun on the market. It is also the most customizable paintball gun and you can buy everything from valves, springs, grips, rods, bolts, barrels, regulators, rams, blocks (front and back), trigger, trigger shoe, and autococker shrouds new or on the afterparts autococker market. An autococker can cost as little as $350 or as much as $2000 depending on the number and type of modifications. An autococker gun is very is easy to use. When you buy a new autococker gun, some kind of autococker shroud usually comes with gun. It seems that the manufacturer's of these guns have done their homework and realize that not too many paintball players are that fond of the look of the exposed pneumatics on an autococker.

Some of the newer guns that you will find on the market are run by electronics. In that case the autococker shroud is usually made of hard plastic or metal and can slide right off. Worr Game Products is the main manufacturer of Autococker paintball markers and most of their guns feature a shroud that is "optional", meaning that it can be bolted right onto the gun or not. In 1999, they released a gun called the Rainmaker. The Rainmaker is a gun that has a lot of electronics and LD features. As the pneumatics of the gun are made of rubber and anodized aluminum metal, the shroud in this case is made of rubber grip material.

Some people don't like the look of an autococker, because the design displays too many rudimentary parts of the gun. It makes you look like you are holding a dentist's instrument on the field rather than a gun. A classy looking autococker shroud can make your autococker look more "tournament ready."

Here's where you may learn more about the autococker paintball gun.

You may be able to find a deal on an autococker shroud on Ebay.

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