Basic Autococker Upgrades!

The Autococker upgrades make it a remarkable gun. The swing trigger is easy to shoot with and is fast. This upgrade is designed to be light in weight, with an angled bottom-line. It has a closed secure precision, a speed adjuster, a pull-pin, a micro-polished ram, a safety push-button, a high-pressure valve and an anodized finish. To top these admirable features autococker upgrade also has an air efficient operation, as it consumes nitrogen gas, through the vertical air receiver. In addition, it has a single finger blade trigger and a 12-inch barrel.


Autococker Upgrades Used In Autococker Guns

The photo-eye monitors inside of the breech provide feedback to the computer while firing. Once a ball falls into the breech the photo-eye informs the circuit board, which bypasses the timer and signals the Ram, to close and get ready to fire again very fast. The ball's flight is flat, precise and long and the balls stay right behind one another.If there is no ball in the breech, the computer receives no signal and the bolts stays open for the full 45 milliseconds or until a ball enters and if a ball does not fall into the breech during that time frame then reloads the gun. The gun's steadiness improves with a good regulator.


The F-5 has the body of an Autococker and is very powerful. A photo-eye is fixed on the right side of the marker, where the feed tube enters the breech and it has a MAC valve. The "black box", where the circuit board and power supply are, in the form of a standard 9-volt battery, is attached to the bottom of the grip frame.

Autococker Upgrades: Trigger

The Autococker upgrade has a double trigger grip frame and the mouse-click trigger on the F-5 is light, short and crisp.

Autococker Upgrades: How It Works

On pulling the trigger, a micro switch is activated, that signals a solenoid to pneumatically let go the flame, which causes the paintball to be fired from the gun. The 10-millisecond gap permits the excluded airtime to escape the breech, eliminating blowback. The computer then signals the Ram to open the bolt. Once the bolt is pushed back and the breech is open for a ball to enter, the Ram's antenna signals that the bolt is open and a timer starts. Then the Ram either waits 45 milliseconds or closes or it receives a signal from the photo-eye that a ball has entered the breech and then closes. This is a design that times the gun and helps to maximize the rate of fire at the same time. The photo-eye monitors inside of the breech provide reaction to the computer while firing. The photo-eye keeps eyes on the inside of the breech that provides feedback to the computer whilst firing. Once a ball falls into the breech the photo-eye informs the circuit board and signals the Ram to close, so you're ready to fire again. It is not only extremely fast, but also regardless of how hard the trigger is pulled or for how long, it will not allow chopping of the ball. The ball trajectory is flat, accurate and long. What's more is that, the gunfires no matter how fast it's shooting; the balls stay right behind each other.

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