Autococker Paintball Guns Are Still A Poplular Choice.

The autococker paintball marker is one of the most popular paintball guns every produced. It's a smooth firing marker. It's also complex in terms of design and internal mechanics.

How it works...

First of all, the body of the auto-cocker is usually made of aluminum. In the body is placed an adjustable valve, which, after shooting, automatically pushes the compressed air to the front part of the autococker. In other words, the air rushes through something called bolt and this bolt forces the paintball out of the marker right towards your target. Then, the air rushes back and pushes the bolt back, and the autocker recocks.

Recocking is putting another paintball in place of the already shot one, in the firing chamber. The chamber, or also known as breech, is the place where the paintball waits for the compressed air to throw it out. So, this way, the player does not have to recock the gun with every shot.

As a whole, the basic idea behind the working mechanism of the cocker is to make a pump paintball gun and replace the pump with a piston which will pump the marker automatically.

There are a large variety of auto-cocker paintball guns. They differ in brands, size, colors, features and many others. Almost every famous paintball gun manufacturer produces autocockers, as they are really preferred guns among paintball players. They are highly upgradeable. The auto-cocker may be the most upgradeable kind of paintball gun on the market...Everything from valves, springs, grips, rods, bolts, barrels, regulators, rams, blocks (front and back), trigger, trigger shoe, and body color of the auto-cocker can be changed. The large variety, good performance, reliability, and upgrades available make it one of the most popular choices.

You can get a decent and a good working auto-cocker at a very reasonable price.

If you are looking for a good brand name autockocker paintball gun, expect to pay at least $479.

A high end auto-cocker runs as high as $1,400. You can get a stock one for as little as $289. But at this price you can get a killer Tippmann A-5.

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