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Always fires: AutoMag Paintball Guns...

Auto mag paintball guns are manufactured by Airgun Designs. The gun is a beautifully designed marker for the tournament players. It is designed to utilize the stability of compressed air/gas. Auto-mag paintball guns consist of four major components; the bolt assembly, the gas-valve assembly, the trigger assembly and the gas regulator.

The 68 Automag was the first semi auto paintball gun to win a national tournament (Team Swarm; 1991 International Masters)...

How it works
When gas pressure is applied, the Automag paintball gun is ready to fire. The gas passes first through a gas regulator and then through an on/off valve to the air chamber behind the bolt assembly. automag powerfeed The bolt is held in the open position against this pressure by the trigger sear. The central pin of the bolt assembly sits against an o-ring to seal the air chamber. To fire the gun the trigger is pulled. The trigger performs two functions using a pivoting sear lever; it closes the on/off valve and as the valve is closing the front part of the pivoting sear lever moves downwards to release the bolt.

The pressure in the air chamber now forces the central pin of the bolt assembly forward. This pushes a paintball into the barrel. At the same time the expanding gas is passing around the central bolt pin and is ported to the front of the bolt. Automag Standard Class When the bolt reaches its forward position the gas pressure behind the paintball is enough to propel it out of the barrel. The bolt is then returned to its open position by the compressed main spring.

As the trigger is released the front part of the sear lever pivots up to re-engage the bolt whilst the rear part pivots down to reopen the on/off valve and allow the regulator to supply a measured amount of gas back into the air chamber. The Automag paintball gun is now ready to fire again.

Automag RT paintball gun has a Reactive Trigger (RT) technology capable of firing 26 rounds per second. It can be operated with compressed air or nitrogen. The RT valve features a stainless body with a lightweight hard anodized aluminum regulator body. Polished Stainless Steel main body enables a clear sight picture for quick aiming. It has a front grip with built in air passage and new tapered barrel with polished stainless steel muzzle brake. A built in filter prevents valve contamination and performance degradation. These automag paintball guns have the fastest recharge time of any marker. The faster you fire your RT the more consistent your velocity will be.

Quick setup
· Set the operating pressure to 700 psi.
· Fire a paintball and hold the trigger back. Then release the trigger completely and fire the next paintball as quickly as possible. Repeat as necessary. This procedure will simulate rapid fire, recording the highest possible rapid-fire velocity.

Higher input pressures will make the trigger more reactive, but the velocity will drop off more when fired slowly. Lower input pressures will reduce the reactive trigger but the RT will be more consistent when fired slowly. The Automag RT can be adjusted to suit your preferences and style of play.

The RT requires a little more attention than other Automag paintball guns, but it still works very well. One of the models, 68 Automag paintball gun, has operational simplicity whereas RT retains the simplicity providing maximum firing rate, eliminates freeze-ups, gas starvation and trigger short stroking.

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