Being A Decoy

by rob starr
(kenosha wisconscin)

So I'm out in the woods and all (big surprise right) but it's night and we are using tracers, now yes this may be cool to all (indeed it is) but after the lst few games, you'll notice that you're getting lit up even quicker. so i did what i had to do and dumped the hoodie I was wearing(before I got shot that game, don't cheat) and i tossed it to my right. no sooner than I let go did it get blasted into the night lol. with that I was able to get a fix on the 2 guys that did the shooting and that was that. so if you're playing at night, splash some of your paint on a jacket or hoodie, mount it to a small tree (something that'll move in the wind to appear to be real) and just wait for someone to take a pot shot at you, or you can recreate what i did, lets say you're pinned down or getting pinched (it happens to the best of us) toss it up and let your own paint say hello.

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