Best Paintball Game Ever!

My friends and I were playing paintball at a place last week, and we were on an air ball course (A place in Memphis. You should check it out if you're nearby). This place was called the Canyon because there was a huge dip in the middle of the field. My team had 4 people against 5, and we were down inside the canyon. So we were outnumbered and had to fight going uphill. Great... 

   My team had a longer walk then the other team, and while we were getting to our starting point, the other team had already set up behind cover! So as soon as the game started we were being fired at from above. 

   Two of the people on our team ran to the right, down into the canyon. Me and the other teammate ran to the left, uphill. We were making pretty good progress, covering each other as we ran from cover to cover. We came up on the side of the opposing team, but then it was like we hit a brick wall. We couldn't move at all. The paintballs were coming so close, that I could actually feel the breeze off a couple of them.  3 of the 5 guys on their team were shooting at us.

   So we had to retreat. At this point I was having a ball. I loved paintball, this game was fun, and I liked playing with the guy I was with. We worked well together. We were both smart, and were good strategists, though he was a little gun-shy at times. But anyway...

  Due to the overwhelming volume of fire, we ended up getting cornered. We couldn't run forward or backward, because that would force us to leave cover and get lit up. We did have one more option though. Straight down and to the right, into the canyon. So down we went... I slid down a dirt bank and hit the ground running, with Jake covering me. Just so you know, this whole move was pretty freakin' Rambo. I felt awesome. Then I covered Jake while he did the same. 

   After that, Jake went backwards a ways and set up near one of our teammates. I went up and to the right, the very heart of the canyon, where I joined our forth teammate. This teammate, Kirk, had a Mini, the best
fastest gun of any of us. We set up a kind of wall. He would use that great gun of his to fire long bursts into the enemy.

Then, when we they would catch on and try to take him out, he would duck behind cover and I'd start firing systematically into them. We got two of them this way, making it 3 to 4. But then they got Jake, the guy I'd started the game out with. He and the other teammate, Tim, had been trying to flank them. Me and Kirk decided then that we had to get more aggressive. So he loaned me a handful of paint, and we moved up as close to them as we dared. I jumped a little 3 step ladder into the second floor of a little hut. Kirk set up across from me.

   They figured out where we were REAL QUICK though, and pretty soon I could feel the breeze from the Paintballs again. Not too long later they got Kirk. He took one right in the neck, and it looked like it HURT! That was the juiciest paintball I've ever seen, too. I got splatter from ten feet away! 

   From then on the situation was pretty bad. I ended up down to 5 balls, and had to run to Tim to get ammo. While running, I fell, almost shot myself in the foot  (which wasted another pb) and slid in the dirt for like ten feet. And by the way, this was not a Rambo slide. It was more like the retarded deaf guy on Black Hawk Down. And in the meantime I got a bouncer in the back. Which hurt. 

   Somehow, during all the klutziness, I never got hit, except for the bounce. But then, as soon as I stand up, I get one right in the arm. Crap. So that left Tim to fight them off 3 against 1, and he eventually ran out of paint. 

   Even though we lost, that was by far one some the most fun I've EVER had playing pb. So I highly recommend you check out the pb place in Memphis if you're nearby.

   I don't really have a tip for this one, other than conserve ammo, and KEEP YOUR SAFETY ON WHEN YOU'RE RUNNING. Getting shot in the foot hurts! I actually shot myself the game after that. 

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