Best Players In The Front or Back?

by Radu Stoian
(Al Ain)

You usually put your best players in the front and the worse in the back, ignore what everyone says and put your worse players in the FRONT and the best in the BACK!! you may think: "How are we going to win?" , simple: the front players get gunned down in 20-50 seconds! So when the worse players go down, you have your best players ready to fill in and own the paintball field!!

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Jan 04, 2012
Put them in the front to begin with. NEW
by: Anonymous

But that's basically just getting your friends lit up for no reason. If you're going to play the front when your teammates get out anyway, then all you accomplish is getting people who aren't as good as you to get annihalated. Sounds like a good way to completely kill the sport for noobies, in my opinion. The way I've always seen it done is to distribute the experienced players evenly among the new guys, in order to have the best game. Back players are important too, so just sticking the noobs in the back is only going to insure that you lose, and its also going to drive them away from the sport, because they are not going to have any fun. Likewise, if you send them to the front, they are going to hate paintball because they're getting bunkered and shot up twenty times a game. Just distribute your good players evenly across the field.

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