Bob Long Ripper 2 Intimidator (2005)

by Moy
(Tijuana, BC)

2005 Bob Long Ripper 2

2005 Bob Long Ripper 2

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: I play speedball, so I needed something fast, reliable, cheap and above all... air efficient. I found this marker on ebay brand new for a very affordable price (500 bucks). I used to shoot a pm6 and a shocker, love them both BUT the main problem was their efficiency. Some fields I´ve been at only have only 2000 psi fills (yeah, just 2000!!!)

When I got my timmy, I went to my local field and got through a WHOLE case of paint with just ONE 70/4500 fill!!!

Some weeks later, I went to a new field in "playas de tijuana" and they had only 2000 psi fills, which it was a big issue for everyone except me and some guys shooting egos, ´cause we where the only ones who didn't have to go fill our tanks after every game.

Some time later, I bought some upgrades, cp trigger, redz pepper barrel and a VIRTUE BOARD, the stock board only had semi so it really got my marker to a whole new level :D

What I like in my timmy is its efficiency, good looks, multiple modes (virtue all the way), reliability and speed.

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Oct 28, 2008
Thats a pimp ass timmy
by: EvilxxInside

funny ass shit i found this lookin up pics on ripper timmies because i just bought your timmy off ebay due to your deployment u were selling. Dont worry i will take GOOD care of her when i get back from Iraq. Thnx for the cheap price bro.

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