Brave little man

by jimmy

I was playing at my local field only one course and its speedball and they we have a team practice so about the closest thing to the teams skill level were me and my friends they were all older guys. I’m 16 and it was originally 5v5 and one of the other teams kid wanted to play he was 10 first time out with a rental 98 custom so we said hey what the heck, game starts the little Bast@&^ runs straight to snake and I went there like 30 seconds after and we needed snake, felt bad doing it, but ran up to bunker him I got shot three times in neck no neck protector was done for good minute or so don't rely remember this kid then goes on to take out 3/4 of my remaining teammates bunkering 2 of them so at this field we play 2 games we switch sides on way over me n teammates are like beginners luck game starts that time tried to stay at Doritos rite near snake get into snapshooting fight with another guy way in back at a temple bunker win but didn't see this kid freaking ramboing my teams left side (I got bad case of tunnel vision) but we got it to 2 v 1 me n my buddy (he big guy he kept kid pinned down while I got the snake and took out there 2 teammates in back but kid finally got angle on my buddy so it me n kid left we both go through like a hopper of paint reload get into snapshooting fight I pin him down waiting for him in bottom left he comes out there I put 3 balls down range he gets 1 boom right in my mask but I got mine off first I'm screaming for paint check all 3 hit no splatter me n this kid then later participated in 2v2 tourney at same place won got etek 3 but I prefer my mini little kid even better with etek. We are looking for 2 more people for a team if you live in central jersey contact me at p.s. kids better than his dad at paintball and so am I :) please sponsors us so contact me and we’ll see how you do.

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