3 BT-4 Combat Reviews!

The following BT-4 Combat paintball gun reviews were done by unbiased paintaball players who spent their own money on this gun.

They were asked to post a review about their paintball gun as subscribers to our free paintball newsletter and mini course. They graciously took the time to write the following information, that I hope you will find helpful in your purchasing decision:

BT4 Combat, by Zach.

bt-4 combat

I love my bt-4 combat with upgrades! I have a red dot scope, car stock, sling, apex barrel, extreme rage hopper, laser barrel mounted. This gun shots like a beast. I highly recommend the car stock and apex barrel.

Some say the apex cannot do all the things it say's it can do, well it can. I hit my friend from 200 yards away. Get this gun. Great quality!

BT-4 Combat Review, by Ray Huertas.

I enjoy the BT-4 Combat. It's simple and reliable. The obvious drawback is lack of firepower. The double finger trigger will not help increase fire power. The E-Grip is the only easy upgrade to improve firepower but its mode switch leaves a lot to be desired.

Customers have been contacting BT to install a thumb activated mode switch to no avail. The current switch requires to look down, take time to switch the firing mode.

Gun dissemble is straightforward and simple. It is a little heavy but it makes it up on durability.

Bt-4 Combat With Mods, by Whip-Whop (London, Ontario,Canada).

bt4 combat with mods

I added a double trigger and Assault rail not shown here.

I was looking for a reliable marker that was highly upgradable and came across the bt-4. A friend had one and was highly impressed by it.

The first thing you need to know is you will need to drop about $50 right off for a new barrel as the stock one is 8" long and not all that accurate.

Secondly, the gun is a tank and can really take a beating. I haven't had too many issues with it other then a small air leak in the braided hose fitting and a hex nut that stripped.

The gun is made by Ben Tippmann so you know it's quality. If you are more than a beginner I would suggest buying one of the already upgraded versions of the marker like the assault, swat or Ironhorse.

I got the trigger at a local paintball shop. I think I got it at Flag swipe paintball in London Ontario Canada. It's nice. You can't rock it like the speedball guns by you can up your fire rate and i find it made my gun steadier.

My only issue was the trigger guard supplied broke as the bottom piece that slots into the hole isn't very rigid but it is fine without it. I think I paid $15 for the trigger and it took like less then 10 minutes to install.

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