BT Delta Elite Review

by Dale
(London Ontario Canada)

BT Delta Elite Paintball Gun Review: I've been playing ball for many years...since it was invented. Yeah I used to play with a nelson pistol and safety goggles. Today I use the new BT Delta Elite and here are my views of the gun.

1. on looks the gun scores a huge 10 out of 10 it just looks great in every detail.
2. The gun fires as expected with the apex tip, my range has increased over my previous markers for sure.
3. rip clip works perfectly so far, I have to say not 1 broken ball in this gun yet.
4.firing modes are semi, 2 ramps and 2 full auto, my only wish is that there was a 3 shot burst mode.
5.the front hand grip/barrel cover is a tad on the large side, even with big hands it feels uncomfortable sometimes, the mp5 front cover fits and just feels better on the gun in play.
6.Though that fake clip looks cool it really is a drawback when crawling through thick underbrush and tall grass, it catches on everything. I am going to cut mine down by 50% and this should solve that issue.
7. AIR PIG!!! this gun eats air like crazy, did I mention this guts eats air.
8. I tend to find it a little front heavy with a remote line, if you put the tank on the gun its well balanced.
9. Finding a scope mount can be tricky, I used the one for the MP5 and just customized it to fit with the rip clip, you can remove the top cover and use the built in rails but that to me ruins the look of the gun.
10. This gun is loud, my right ear tends to ring a lot when in heavy firing situations, trust me once you shot they know were you are.
11. Like any other gun the factory barrel is well you know sucky, so I ordered a LAPCO Bigshot Apex ready barrel and we'll see how that improves accuracy.

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