BT4 Sqaud S Down

by Caleb
(Navarre, FL)

yea ive upgraded a lil from the tippy

yea ive upgraded a lil from the tippy

This is story of me and my first gun the tippy 98c. It was the last hour free for all game (u grabbed a group of 4 buds and went against everyone’s else’s squad) we're in the big woods making our slowly on an open area.

We’re going towards the gun fire when all of a sudden we get ambushed I get separated from my squad (I think one of them got hit and the rest ran away) So there I am prone hidden behind a corner of the fence line with a couple of ferns to help cover me. I hear the guys who ambushed us. They were a group of airmen of Hulbert field who got some rentals and decided to join the last hour game. "BT4 squad is a go" I hear one of them joke around, they were having such a good time and were on a roll cusp they ambushed some kids (I was a noob 14 years old bout 6th time playing) I heard them coming around it as go time, it was also a turkey shoot all four of them in a row, first shot hit the front one in the mask, 2nd and 3rd shit hit the 2nd guy leg n hip, 3rd guy got it in the grocerys, 4th tried running but I long balled him before he got to cover. I stood tall over the couple airman who were lying down (especially the one I got in the Mr. Happy)

So yea pretty much best moment of my noob career
I recommend a tippy for everyone’s first gun

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