BTM8 Paint Grenade

by Benjamin
(Greenfield MN)

BTM8 Paint Grenade

BTM8 Paint Grenade

BTM8 Paint Grenade: Battle Tested M8 ( $7 ) kind of screwed me over. I bought two of these, my friend did also, thinking that this would be the coolest thing ever...

Well, when it DID go off, it was ok.

During a game, I handed one of these to my friend and he Pulled the Pin and Threw, as stated on the grenade itself. Nothing really happened. He threw it, it bounced off a tree or two, and finally released the paint after everyone had ran away from it. I didn’t throw the other grenade I had because I wanted to see how it would work, like after the game.

So after the games I threw it high and hard. It landed pretty hard, but didn't even go off. I rushed over and grabbed it, threw it again and THEN it decided to go off. The other friend who had bought these was also a little mad about the grenades.

He was having problems pulling out the pins (which is actually pretty hard to do) and then they didn’t go off when they were thrown.
These are the only two paint grenades I have purchased, and I don't really think I would buy them again. The fine print said the grenade would cover an area of 30ft. More like 15ft at most. Plus, it was also hard to carry.

You couldn’t hang it from your pants, or else you may crush it. Couldn’t put in your breast pocket because it may be hit and explode, and if it were in your pants pocket it may explode there too.

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