Build A Paintball Course!

by Wil Richards
(Dandridge, Tennessee, USA)

I'm one of those guys that you would consider a hard core weekend player. I wish to play about once a month because honestly I don't have the money to play any more often than that. Well I spent about 4-6 weeks on building a paintball course. Everyday I'd come home from school, pickup the axe, and start building. There is so much to say about it when its done.

1. I felt great when I was done.

2. You know every secret and trail and bunker and tree, use that to your advantage.

3. Make money off of it. I probably would not be playing once a month if not for my course. Every couple of weeks I host a little tourney or game to bring in some money. It may not be very much but it buys you paintballs and air, so who cares.

4. Lastly if you work hard you will end up with a beautiful paintball course such as mine.

P.S. Sorry I don't have any pictures. No digital camera.

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Nov 16, 2011
Great job NEW
by: Phil

Great job bro, you seem like you have tons of experience. Head to
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