Calling the Tippmann cheap?

by Nobody Special

Calling the tippmann cheap and counting it in this list is rather unfair. The only reason why its cheap is because it was made right the first time, much like the AK-47. If your R&D peeps have to keep fixing glitches and upgrading performance then the cost of the gun will stay high. But the Tippmann 98 custom was made right the first time, the only cost is production, hell even the production facilities don't need upgrading thus again saving even more money. Just because they did it right the first time doesn't make it a cheap gun, it makes it a perfect gun. To hell with your other markers that cost $3000 and have all the neatest electronic gadgets that are susceptible to moisture and weather, the Tippmann 98 Custom is hands down the best paintball marker available, whether your a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Who cares about speedball and the lame spray & pray tactics, 20 billion balls per second and super duper fancy named third party upgrades? If you spend more than $500 on your gun, you should have purchased a Tippman 98 Custom. Name any other gun that has been around as long as the 98 Custom and STILL performs well without a huge R&D department backing it with all the latest goodies. Get a Tippmann and end your paintball marker search in a matter of seconds.

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Mar 07, 2011
not true
by: Anonymous

the only reason that the 98c is so cheap is because it sucks. trying taking a 98c against a ego 11 who do u think is going to win? the ego. every. single. time. if u don't believe me try it. and no it wasn't 'made right the first time' they have made differences. the 98c from 2000 is different than the 98c in 2010. i had a 98c as my fist gun and i admit its a reliable gun but i wouldn't say at all its the best gun for the money on the market. If smartparts was still in buisiness i would deffinitally credit tht to the SP1

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