Canadian Paintball Clubs

Canadian paintball is very popular. It's one of the fastest growing sports because, well, paintball is such an adventurous game that everyone who plays, loves it.

There are so many paintball clubs located in Ottawa, Ontario, and other provinces. The oldest and largest paintball club in Canada is Canadian contingent. The main motto of this club is always playing for fun and fair play. No attitude.

The other Canadian paintball clubs in are:

  • Sunyjim's Paintball Club-> this club is in Ontario. Here people can play with their own equipment for two weeks without paying any money.
  • Bonnie boys paintball-> Bonnie boy 5-man tournament is one of the famous tournaments in Canada. This club is all about this tournament and they are situated in Ontario.
  • Hell hounds paintball-> It deals about history, photograph and current standing.
  • Canadian paintball association-> They focus on paintball tournaments, paintball Guns, and the paintball market.
  • Raven paintball club-> This club is at Carleton University and helps students for learning this game. It is situated in Ottawa and Ontario.
  • Spikes action gear->
  • Reservoir Dogs-> this is the Canadian tournament paintball team. It is in Hamilton and Ontario.

Besides these clubs, to play this game you need some playground or field. There are many fields in Canada. Some of these are:

  • North west paintball which is situated in Maple Ridge BC
  • Predator Paintball Park -> This is the another one situated in Prince George BC
  • Rally's Paintball Games-> It is situated in Creston BC
  • Victoria Paintball Adventures-> It is situated in Victoria BC
  • Bushwhacker Paintball Games
  • Dark zone
  • Specialty Shooting Sports
  • Sgt Splatter's Project Paintball, etc.

There are a lot of great canadian paintball teams. So look out and keep practicing. There's not a whole lot to do there so, all they do is practice :-)

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