Capture The Flag Story

This is a follow up on developing your sixth sense. It's the story of our capture the flag (ctf) game:

So we were playing 4 on 4 capture the flag. The players on my team were:

Henry - about 1 year experience. Brand new Carver one he was still getting used to.

Brandon - Only played one other time. Crappy Brass Eagle. Alex's twin bro. Game at his house.

Matt - Chris' younger brother. Beat up old hand-me-down 98 c. Never been hit by a Paintball!

Me - Year experience. Brand New JT stealth (found it for 60 bucks!!!). Henry and I were best strategists on team.

The other team:

Chris- 3-4 month old Piranha. More than yr exp. Fast trigger fingers.

Harry -6 yr exp. Pimped out 98 c. Really good woodsballer.

Trey - Upgraded 98 c. Has a GHILLIE SUIT! Avid hunter. Can move very quietly through woods. 2 years experience.

Alex - Brandon's twin Bro. Also played only once. Crappy Brass Eagle. Very quiet and shy. We counted him off right away. Game was at his house.

Needless to say we were out matched:

We were playing in a field that was shaped like a backwards 7. It was slightly hilly, with woods surrounding it all the way around. In the middle, a little more towards our side were a few hay bales.

Right after our two refs showed us our flag and the other team there's, my team gathered around the hay bales towards the  center of the field. Henry and I kind of assumed the leadership roles since we had the most exp.

We decided that since we were outclassed, we would set up a defensive position and wait for them. I took my gear and found a spot in the woods on the right side of the field with GREAT cover. It was the perfect spot to see but not be seen, so I pulled out my bipod, set my pods beside me and waited. Henry set  up in a small patch of trees back out towards the field. He could help me if I needed it, get to the flag quickly, or turn around and fire on the enemy if they came from the Left side of the field. Matt and Brandon set up at the hay bales.

From there  they could protect our left flank and the middle, which they would have to have been stupid to come up the middle, however. So we waited 5 or 10 minutes, and then I start to hear branches and leaves crunching. My mask, of course, chose then to fog up. I couldn't see much, but I was able to figure out that there was at least 3, maybe the whole team less than 10 feet away from me. They kept coming closer.

I then saw that there were 3: Chris, Harry, and Trey; the three best players on their team. However, I didn't have a clear shot. So I
jumped up and started shooting. I shifted a little bit before I jumped up, trey heard it and used his "sixth sense" to yell "everybody get down!" so they all hit the deck and I was firing at nothing. I retreated, found Henry, and motioned for Brandon and Matt to fall back we regrouped by the flag, which was on a small little trail on the left side of the woods. We decided that Henry and I would go up ahead and scout to see what they were up to. We had contact with Chris and trey in  2 separate locations which meant they'd split up. We came back and told the other 2 we thought they were going to try to flank us. We set up around the flag and waited for close to 20 minutes. They finally got impatient gathered in the field around the hay and tried to draw us out. 

Then I got an idea. I kept Matt at the flag and told him when the firing started to move out to the edge of the woods and wait for Brandon I sent Brandon ahead deep in the woods. I told him wait 5 minutes then start firing in the woods to draw their fire then circle back and meet up with Matt. Henry and I were going to stealthily move up to the treeline on the right side. The plan was that Brandon would draw their attention to the left while Henry and I fired from the right, Matt from middle. 

However, that plan went to heck. Something distracted them before Brandon opened up and they saw Matt. So they opened fire on him Brandon was to deep in the woods to blindside them, so he came around and helped Matt. Henry was ready to fire on them from the side, but they hadn't seen us, so I told him to stay there.

I circled around and absolutely lit 'em up. It was then that I noticed there were only 3. It meant that Alex was still out there somewhere, and the game was not over. I came back and told them that. So we were thinking the poor guy was lost in the woods somewhere looking for his team, so we took me, Henry, and Matt in a single file line towards where we thought their flag was. We left Brandon where our flag was, and proceeded to the goal, taking turns at point. Matt was at point when Henry, behind him, saw the flag at a bend in the woods. He said "there's the flag!" right then Alex jumped out of the woods on the other side and dropped Henry and Matt before they could even react. I however was quicker and took off before he could get me. I then returned fire and made him retreat back to the woods. I was then able to grab the flag and take it to ours. 
That's right, I'm a beast.

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