Are Cheap Airsoft Guns Worth It?

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There are tons of places to buy cheap airsoft guns. In fact, cheap airsoft guns are easier to come by then cheap paintball markers. Fans of airsoft pistols guns and rifles see them as superior to paintball guns simply because they are so cheap. They also appreciate these paintball weapons because the realism of their design (many are crafted to look like a genuine fire arms) and the addition of a laser sight lifts the level of an ordinary "tag" paintball game to a game of simulated war.

Proponents of airsoft guns claim that when they are used correctly, there's nothing dangerous or scary about a game played with Airsoft guns and rifles. The game itself is usually played in an outdoor or indoor venue. There are most often two separate teams, who either freeform skirmish, or try to achieve an objective, such as Capture the Flag or Capture the President.

However those who are not so fond of airsoft guns say that when it comes to cheap airsoft guns you get what you pay for. Cheap airsoft guns are not as durable or sturdy as regular paintball markers and the paint pellets that are sold with them have the annoying habit of breaking inside the gun and rendering it permanently useless.

If you want to find a comprehensive list of online stores and retailers that specialize in selling cheap airsoft guns, then you should got to that boasts a comprehensive list of places where you can surf for bargains. You can also buy very inexpensive airguns at and

One good place to find cheap airsoft guns is the Air Gun Depot at Almost every gun on this site will cost you less than $40 U.S. A best seller on this site is the Full Auto Mini UZI SMG airsoft gun that sells for about thirty dollars. This cheap clear plastic airsoft gun is modeled after a machine gun and is classified as an "electric gun."

At Air Gun Depot, you can also get airsoft guns that are propelled by gas such as Airsoft Gun's Softair S&W Sigma CO2 Gas Blowback Soft Air Gun which features a big eyepiece and the semi-automatic blowback action and the Soft Air Sig Sauer P226 Black Gas Blow Back that carries a magazine of 12 pellets.

This site also boasts a large selection of spring loaded guns such as Airsoft Guns- Spring Air Pistol Model USP956 Comp Open Slide Heavy Weight. It also sells the necessary paint ball cartridges that are needed to adapt these bb guns to paintball markers.

Pyramid Air at is another online source of cheap airsoft guns. One good bargain is the Mini Kalashnikov AK47 that retails for only $22.95. On this site you can also find other softair gun essentials such as paintball cartridge feeders for spring loaded guns. Other bargains are to be found at Here we found laser-sighted rifles such as the Airsoft Gun (HA-201) and the HFI Laser gun for only twenty bucks.

The best place to find good cheap airsoft guns is here.

Also, be sure to read my article on cheap paintball guns.

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