Are Cheap Paintball Jerseys Worth The Small Investment?

Cheap paintball jerseys are a good idea for the budget-conscious paintball player as you are going to get splattered with paint anyway.

In fact why splurge on an expensive custom jerseys with special designs and logos when you will be decorated otherwise during the course of the game?

Buying cheaper paintball jerseys is also a great option for paintball teams who find themselves operating on a budget and care more about playing for the fun of it. Some would even say that the cheap paintball jerseys are more fashionable than the expensive ones.

The expensive ones have been known to turn the wearer into a walking billboard for the status conscious.

Cheap paintball jerseys usually come in a solid color, such as basic black with a minimum of gaudy detail or design. In general, the less you pay, the more minimal the design of the cheap paintball jersey.

The cheapest paintball jersey I could find on the Internet is a case in point when it comes to this "less is more" theory about paintball clothing. This jersey is plain black with a very small Empire logo across the front and costs a mere $29.95. It is made of a high performance soft polyester fiber and contains channels that allow the player to keep cool and dry. This cheap paintball jersey was found at

This is the kind of jersey that makes an ideal canvas for silk screening or spray painting a team name on. A drawback is that it does have short sleeves which is not ideal except in very hot weather.

When it comes to cheap paintball jerseys, had a great selection. The DYO PROTO Paintball Jersey is only 39.95 and comes in red blue and gray. In the $50 to $60 range the DYE C4 Jersey was 54.99. Like most jerseys under sixty bucks are so, these jerseys were quite gaudy with the company's logo splashed in big letters on the front. This does not make them ideal for customization with a team's name or logo.

When it comes to practicality, try to buy a paintball jersey that covers as much skin a possible. Long sleeves are definitely preferable to short sleeves as long sleeves protect your arms from the impact of paintballs as well as any scratches or scrapes that you might incur while sliding, rolling and brushing up against trees and walls to hide from the enemy.

Cheap paintball jerseys usually do not have padding, you are also advised to wear long johns beneath the jersey to protect you and give you added protection against blows and paintballs. If you have some extra cash, you can invest in chest protection instead of long johns because it will keep you much cooler, breathes well, and gives you better protection.

Experienced paintball players also recommend buying a jersey that is one size too big so that you can layer clothing beneath it.

A drawback of buying low priced paintball jerseys is that they often come in neon and very bright colors. This is not a very good camouflage if you are trying to hide from your opponents in an open field.

Sometimes it is possible to customize a cheap paintball jersey with green or black spray paint so that you are more concealed while playing out in the field.

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