Why You Should Never Use Cheap Paintballs

The problem with many cheap paintballs is that they can break in your gun.

What you want is an inexpensive paintball that shoots straight, always breaks on impact and most importantly does NOT break in the barrel of the gun and clog your tubes with paint. In fact if you are using a soft air gun, a cheap paintball pellet can disable your gun for good.

Most players find it best to keep a full box of at least 500 paintballs on hand. It's also possible to buy cheap paintballs by the case in sets of 2,000--many players shop online to increase their savings. Most players don't recommend cheap paintballs--they can jam markers, and if they don't break on contact, it hurts. If you do need to stick with discount paintballs, stick with a quality name brand. However if you need a lot of paintballs, cheap might be your only options.

A company that manufacturers inexpensive high quality paint balls is Splatamatic paintballs. You can buy Splatamatic paintballs at www.personalalarms.com. They sell the Flying Colors Paint Balls in packs of 100 multicolored balls for only $7.00, These .40 caliber Splatamatic paintballs can also be blown, like darts through the Splatamatic Blowguns. They also sell a Splatamatic Paint Ball Gun that shoots a minimum of one hundred paint balls per C02 canister for $49.99.

If you are planning to hold a big tournament, then try Eliminator paintballs. http://store.yahoo.com/eliminatorpaintball/paintballs.html is a great little online Yahoo store that sells cheap paint balls by the case. 2000 rounds of ammo can be bought for only $44.95 which I believe is the best price that I have found on the Internet. This deal is sometimes restricted to certain colors (on the day I looked it was purple and orange) but hey, at that price who's complaining! Keep in mind these paintballs work well in most Tippmann paintball guns but not at al in tourney guns. Besides this, this company also has a "no broken ball" guarantee (because they pack these balls in silica that prevents the paint from drying out) as well as free shipping. There is also a map on this site that shows you where you can buy eliminator paintballs at a retail outlet in the United States.

www.paintballfirst.com is an another source of cheap paintballs. They also sell cases of 2000 rounds for $49.95 U.S. The unusual thing about these cheap paintballs is that many of them are scented. For instance, their yellow colored Banana Paintball smells like banana. They also sell Mid-Evil balls, which are greasy, smelly football shaped balls at $52.99 (which represents about a 20% discount.) This site also has an ever-changing list of discounted paintball products. The day I was there they were selling 500 rounds of glow in the dark Kryptonite Paintballs for only $19.99. They were also offering a case of rainbow colored paintballs at $29.99 and a case of 2000 rounds of white paintballs for $29.99.

Having an adequate paintball supply is important--nothing ruins Game day more than a shortage of ammunition. Generally, you will fire about 50-200 rounds of cheap paintballs in a given event, depending on your style of play and the number of players.

Of course, the first place you should look is on Ebay for cheap paintballs.

If you don't have an account on Ebay you are missing out on some killer deals, and you can make some extra pocket change too. Sign up here.

For new equipment and good deals on cheap paintballs as well as FREE shipping I prefer this online store for paintball and more (up to 70% off!)

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