Colored Clothing Outdoors

by Jacob

Personally this has helped me a lot in the outdoor paintball fields that I go to - wear the right colors, any color found often in the field you go to. It would seem like a no-brainer but a lot of players don't seem to do it (Many wear bright and neon colors)

A personal experience. We were playing CTF and the opposite team had heard the starting horn before our team had, so we were already at a disadvantage. Some teammates I went to a clump of bushes overlooking a ditch many players use but I was the only guy in the bushes (Wearing green and brown.) My teammates soon got out by advancing forces. Popping out would get me "killed" so I waited, eventually about 7 of the enemy team took up positions overlooking the flag and my remaining teammates, and their positions were next to the bushes. They looked at me several times when they were gathering, but never seemed to realize I was hiding. I popped out an sprayed 5 of em before the other 2 took me down.

Just wear the right colors, it'll be useful.

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