Why Compressed Air Paintball Is the Choice of Paintball Players

Special Article on Compressed Air Paintball (Or High Pressure Air Paintball):

Nitrogen, or High Pressure Air (HPA), is a better alternative for paintball guns than carbon dioxide (CO2) because CO2 can be extremely erratic. But carbon dioxide, a is less expensive than high-pressure air and because of this, weekend warriors and people not blessed with tons of cash have trouble affording the more expensive, high-pressure air.

The reason carbon dioxide can be erratic is because it is usually used in a liquid state, then it's warmed up to the gas. When it's changing from a cold liquid state, problems can occur. For example, if you're in a sustained rapidfire mode. The liquid CO2 may enter your gun, because it to freeze. But what's even more problematic is that it may damage the internal components of your paintball gun... particularly the O-ings. Also, carbon dioxide expands rapidly as it warms the and if you don't have a regulator it can cause inconsistencies with accuracy, trajectory, and speed.

High pressure air remains in a gaseous form, and it's because of this that your compressed air paintball gun will almost never freeze up as compared to a paintball gun using CO2. If you use a regulator valve with HPA you'll always have consistent air pressure so that your paintball gun will work at its peak performance.

As you can see, compressed air paintball is the choice of paintball players, particularly the experienced players. Serious paintball players need consistent shooting, if they want to win tournaments and HPA provides the period.


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