For Demanding Players, Take A Look Into Custom Paintball Guns

Custom paintball guns do wonders for those players with specific paintball

needs and wants. When you use custom guns you get a wide variety of features to choose from: your air system, barrel and all the other necessary gun accessories. Selecting the best custom guns is quite a difficult task as there are millions of manufacturers.

If you don't wish to let the flag of your team go down then you need shoot with the best paintball guns.

Here are some reviews of some the custom paintball guns that are rocking the market.

· ACI F4 Graffiti Series is a beautiful looking gun.
o You can show off the gun's custom anodizing to you friends.
o The high volume cell of this paintball gun brings down the operating pressure of the gun.
o Venturi Bolt provides super-class accuracy and less ball breakage.
o Zero Gravity Combo Barrel is a great barrel that is honed to perfection.
o Sub Zero 4 Stage Expansion Chamber of this good-looking gun helps reduce liquid CO2 and brings about velocity consistency.

· 68AUTOMAG is said to be a legendary custom paintball gun, which is manufactured by Airgun Designs. It is rightly called legendary as it was the first gun to win a national tournament and later on, it has won many international trophies through out the world. The power feed of this gun includes
o 68AUTOMAG star A.I.R. Valve Assembly, Molded Grips.
o The power feed of this custom paintball gun is available in both right and left hopper styles.
o The stainless design of the gun is capable of withstanding the most harsh field conditions.
o The blow forward wall system contributes a great deal in reducing maintenance.

· ANS GX-3 Chaos is a custom paintball gun manufactured by ANS Gen-X.
o This gun has a 3-way system and the system is short crisp and works smoothly.
o The stainless steel Ram of this gun proves to very fast and reliable.
o Jackhammer II adjustable regulator does best to control the operating pressure of all the gun pneumatics with the stylish Jackhammer II regulator of this custom paintball gun.
o This gun is equipped with a Custom Milled Shroud.
o The performance hammer kit of the gun strikes an awesome balance between the consistency of both velocity and efficiency.

· Bob Long's Dragon Intimidator is some thing great,
o Has a new body style and is equipped with a vertical regulator called 'Torpedo'.
o The trigger of this custom paintball gun is what makes it a rocking marker.
o It contains three adjustments screws that help in controlling the trigger travel.
o The gun is equipped with an LCD display, has got push button controls.
o These buttons enable you to switch the electronic eye on and off, change the rate of fire, switch firing modes, etc.

Now the choice is yours, as to which gun you are going to get hold off. The custom paintball guns will really prove to be a boon when you set out to play paintball.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Guns are a fantastic option for many. The quality and price is un-matched, and the custom upgrades are many.

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