Dirty Places

by Nick
(Hartshorne Oklahoma )

When I'm playing paintball I seem to get into the dirtiest places. One day in the woods we started the game with 8 on 8 as soon as the game started my entire team starts running towards the other teams base, I just sat back and watched a few minutes go by and my team is out and they didn't take out a single player from the other team. That's when i was in for a battle . The only way I could beat all of them was to get them singled out so I run out and get their attention, start running away(aka tactical retreat) and run right through a briar bush where the paint can't hit me. I wait on one to run by and gun him down then 2 others , and wait for a couple more minutes but nobody else comes through. I see some movement about 50yds from me, I start to flank around the right side of the field I get within about 20yds from him and i run right into a creek and there is noway around it so I get right in and keep going towards where I seen the guy last. I'm wading waist deep in mud trying to keep my gun out of it after about 25yds I found a spot to crawl up, when I finally got out of the mud I seen 4 other guys camped behind this fallen log I unloaded on em until they all had their hands in the air. I got out and crawled to that log and tried to find anyone hiding nearby and as soon as I stood I caught movement off to the left and as I turned I got hit several times in the chest. I lost the game but if I hadn't got dirty I wouldn't have come that close to winning try and go places that noone else will maybe this story will help somebody it was definitely a fun day of ballin'!

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