Disabled "Shmishabled" Paintballer

by Jeffy B
(Stellarton, Nova Scotia)

Yeah ok , So I'm disabled and can't run. Does this stop me from filling your body with little red and purple welts? No. Paintball is one of the best sports ever. Why? Because physical ability gives you no advantage.

If you're Patient, Aware, and Accurate with your marker you will win games.

If your team works well as a whole, you will win games.

If your team listens well to eachother, you will win games.

If you can take critism and use it to improve your game, you will win games.

If you are adaptable and willing to change in the middle of a game, you will win games. Running fast deffinetly helps, so leave that to the fast guys.

If you are fat and can't run or disabled like me and can't run... then don't, you will wear yourself out by the time it takes to get to your first bunker and then you are useless to your team. Conserve your energy and shoot the S#*T
out of the opposing end. Conserving paint is something you do during the last game of the day and your pods are empty.

Don't be afraid to go through your whole pod pack. Shoot Shoot Shoot. People hear the gun going off and feel as though you have a target and they tend to stay behind cover.

Position yourself and start snapping. Snap shooting will save your perverbiable "life" in a game.

So sum this all up:

1: You have no excuse (Except having no money) not to play paintball, If I can do it anyone can.

2: Be Patient

3: Be Aware

4: Be Sure what you're Shooting at

5: Teamwork Teamwork Teamwork

6: Leanr from your mistakes and listen to your peers in order to improve your
next game.

7: Be Willing to change at any given point during a game

8: Conserve your energy not your paint

9: Learn to Snap Shoot, it will be your saving grace
and finally

10: Visit Paintball Tips and Tricks dot com often :)

-Jeffy B

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Jan 23, 2008
Your inspiring
by: Anonymous

I hope one day I get to meet you and get the shit shot out of me by you. Your inspiring you should be a captain for a team

Dec 13, 2007
Sorry, but you are wrong.
by: Anonymous

Physical ability has a huge part to play in paintball. You may be sortof right for a back because the just stand and unload but physical ability is more important then gun skills for the majority of the game.

Dec 04, 2007
good tips
by: Anonymous

good tips i could have used that when i was new lol

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