Dont keep your paintball gun and hopper exposed

by Zach Christensen
(Freedom, WI)

I was paintballing with my friends at my friend Kobe's house and it was my first time paint balling. I had just bought a new Ricochet: Apache hopper and I bought a used ICD: Promaster from my friend. I didn't need a tank because I had previously bought one for my spyer a NO2 tank. The first time I went my adrenaline was pumping and I had never gotten shot yet. We played 2v2 and it was insane because paint was flying everywhere and I wasn't used to such a touchy trigger so I probably shot the bunker in front of me 20 times. When I got hit it was because I had my gun around the wooden pallet I was hidden behind and it hit my hand. I didn't even think that I was hit until we checked for paint after the match. I had also played woods ball. It was harder than speedball because there were no bunkers to hide behind so being about 6'2" I was trying to hide anywhere

I could but it was difficult without bunkers but I outed both the players and got one of my friends back for hitting me in the hand by hitting his hand dead center. If your going to play woods ball make sure that you have bunkers or natural terrain to protect your self if you are not short or tiny. SO DON'T STICK YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE BUNKER AND BRING YOUR GUN IN SOMETIMES TO CONCEAL YOUR POSITION AND SO THEY CANT SHOOT YOUR GUN & HOPPER.

Here's a comment from a fellow snapshooter:

Although we all think it is obvious, I have found that every time I used to snap shoot on the speedball field my barrel was against the bunker but the hopper was exposed and out in the open. It seems dumb but subconsciously it happens without you noticing and the next thing you know, your in the dead-zone with a splat mark on your hopper, so I just make sure my hopper isn't sticking out and I got a new smaller feedneck so my hopper is more low profile.

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