Don't split up from your teammates!

You guys may have read the article I posted previously, developing your sixth sense. If you have read it, you know that my team dominated.

Well after that game, we added two more latecomers, moved to a new position, and reordered our teams. This time my team got the better end of the deal. We ended up with the newbie that nearly one the last game, me (who beasted it up the last game), an automatic gun (he's really probably the best of us, at least in speedball ((course this was woodsball, which me and the next guy are probably better at))) , and a guy who had six years experience, plus the guy who been my right hand man last game. They ended up with 2 newbies, 2 crappy autos, and a decent woodsballer. So, early on, before there was even any real contact with the enemy team, we decided to divide and conquer. The newbie stayed and camped in the woods (idc what ppl say it worked for him), me and my right Hand man flanked (me left him right). The auto and the guy with experience quietly advanced more or less in the middle of the playing field.

I'm not completely sure what happened to the rest of my team, but I came out in a field. I walked about 50 feet, came around a bend, then quickly popped back behind cover. A newbie from the opposing team was sitting out there in the treeline with his legs splayed out in the grass. He didn't see me, so I found the biggest target, popped out and fired. I got him in the hopper and the knee. I went over helped him up and made some polite convo as he gathered up his stuff. I then went on my way further into the field. I hadn't taken 10 steps
when I started taking fire from 2 directions.

They obviously didn't have a good line of sight cause they were firing out of the woods and not really getting near me, so I calmly jogged away from them. I moved a distance, then entered the woods to the side of where I was being shot at. I came around a bend and found myself taking heavy fire from a single opponent. I ducked behind cover found the enemy and returned fire.

However I wasn't quick enough and got hit. After I put My stuff up I walked into the woods to watch the rest of the game. I watched as a newbie and one of the crappy autos from the rival team took out my right hand man because he was by himself in a spot with low visibility. He saw one guy but not the other. Then, our automatic had a tank malfunction in the mid of a fire fight with the other crappy auto.

This left our six years exp guy to fight off someone with superior fire power out in the open. So he lost. So you know who was left on our team? The Newbie who had nearly won the game last time. And just like last time, he was facing 4 to 1 odds. So he got surrounded and hit.

I later found out I'd been shot by my own guy and had been attacked by own teammates out in that field. Right hand man had been shot because there was no one with him to see the second enemy, 6 yr exp had gotten out bc auto was too far away to tell him he was out, and newbie had no idea he was operating alone bc he was too faraway 4 us to warn him! In other words, our strategy sucks. Stick with your teammates.

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