Don't Wimp Out!

by BIG zack
(Pittsburgh, PA)

If you and some teammates are stuck behind bunkers, u and a buddy should run right down the middle of the field to make the opposing team to stand up and fight allowing your team to pick them off. Don't think twice of how bad it might hurt,to get shot a bunch of times...just do it! i do it all the time and most of the times that i did it my team won "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

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Jun 17, 2008
by: chase

firstly im talking about speedball here, in woodsball im not gonna comment cuz i dont play it much. assuming that your WHOLE team is pinned down you should lose your team is terrible, but if you must, you need your fromnt ment to make a few quick moves. in this scenario well say that you have 2 fromt men, and 1 mid, and 2 back players. they have 3 front, 2 mid, and 2 back. your targets are their front players, nothing more, nothing less. if you send one front man up the middle he is screwed, he can be shot out by ANY of their ppl, send him up the tape line, and cut towards the middle, attack the blind side and hopefully get someone out, if not cause enought commotion to move you middle man up to take his place or put him in the snake.from there you can pick them off from the front to the back.
simply put. running up the middle is bad. it has no tactics at all and is a stupid thing to do, it causes unneeded losses that could have been used to turn the game in your favor.

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