Dye i4 Goggle System

by Zach Jennings
(phoenix AZ 85028)

Dye i4 Goggle System

Dye i4 Goggle System

When starting paintball, most people dont think about how their equipment is going to perform, or how long it will last. They buy starter packs from big5 or other sports stores. However this is not the way to go! New players should do their research and spend a little more money for something that will perform better and last longer.

I have owned dye i4s for 6 months now, and I can not imagine playing without them. The field of vision is incredible, and sound clarity has no equal. I am also a bigger player, 6'1", with a big head. These fit perfectly, and I do not stick out of them at all. The soft ear technology is great, my ears never ring when i take a shot there.

Also, they have never fogged up once due to the ingenious venting technology. I recently let my friend borrow them for a scenario game he as playing. He came by to give them back later that day and the first thing he said was "I can not believe how much I can see out of these things!" He went out and bought some the next day. These goggles are worth every penny, $150.

They add so much to your game. You will be able to see things you have never been able to see before. Like the guy trying to move up the snake while you're shooting the guy at center.

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