Dye i4 Paintball Mask Review!

by Alex
(Ball Ground Ga, USA)

Dye i4 Paintball Mask

Dye i4 Paintball Mask

I use the Dye i4 paintball mask. It is a great mask to anyone with a mid sized to small sized head. It has a great field of vision, excellent hearing. Has never fogged once thanks to the ingenious vent design.

The Dye i4 has a pretty decent price tag, but for great gear you're going to have to expect to pay more anyway. I have had the mask for over a year and have not had to replace anything on it yet.

I do recommend keeping the HD lens as it is a great lens, unless you are just truly dead set on swapping them out. The i4 mask allows for decent voice carry, some mask tend to stifle the sound of your voice, but I have heard no complaints from people not being able to hear me.

Some people may complain about the size of it not being able to protect your head fully, but I have also not had any complaints with this.

To protect your forehead simply use a beanie cap, backwards baseball cap, or bye a head band. The soft ears work really well, I took a shot directly to the ear, my ear just rang for a bit but was fine.

All in all the Dye i4 mask is great for anyone who has $150 to spend, this is an amazing mask to invest in.

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