Favorite Paintball Manuever: Bunkering (for more experienced players)

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My favorite of all paintball manuevers... this is deffinately a harder method of playing, it requires alot of mental awareness, physical strength, firepower, agressivness and overall the most important... BALLS! :P

If your not an agressive player, and you usually let your teamates do the work and you just kinda sit in the back and throw some paint at people as they run by, this isnt really for you, but dont worry, it all comes with time, practice and experience. So anyways, not to go off on a tangent, for those of you who think your aggressive enough to try this, you wanna first eliminate most of the opposing players, which im not getting into because you all should know what to do for that, (I usually wait until theres is a MAXIMUM of 2-3 enemies left).

Now what I usually try to do is single them out, split them up and drive them into a bunker, now that we have them spaced out, we can pick them off one by one. this is crucial to the bunker manuever.

Dont EVER go to bunker someone if theres an entire team still on the field and they are all in the same general location. like I said, split them up, focus on one guy, but be completely aware of any other players that may be left, and keep them busy too, lay some paint.

Now what I do is lay down ALOT of paint on the bunker where the guy is hiding, this is to keep him down so I dont get return fire. then when he is down in the dirt, I make a mad dash for his bunker, still laying out paint like rain, and I continue to run right passed his bunker and as I pass it, I shoot him about 50 times haha :P then you wanna hit the dirt yourself because chances are the other team saw you run for the bunker and they are gonna start to shoot at you, but if your good enough that wont be a problem.

Trust me, this is the greatest feeling in paintball when u bunker someone. I feel like an all star when I do it! Haha have fun everyone keep trying and playing.

Paintball is the greatest sport out there, but the most important thing is to have fun guys. :)

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Jun 10, 2009
getting bunkerd
by: toxic avenger

bunkering is great but getting bunkerd is the best.... one shot kill guarantee.
this takes some practice but when u listen at the rate of fire u can hear if someone i closing in on u .... pop up and take your one shot kill.
tip when u are bunkering someone and u are shooting 100 balls at him try to hit the bunker 10 times and place the rest next to or over the bunker.
he cant hear u closing in he can hear the balls and if he pop's up u get 33% chance for a hit.

Jul 31, 2008
when to do it
by: hippo

totally agree.
but one correction.
it doesnt matter how many people are on the other team.
me and my team usually make a move when we are up 2 g's.
sometimes even one if we need it

Feb 12, 2008
Absolutely right
by: Ganoes Paran

how much i can agree on you when you said quote:

"Trust me, this is the greatest feeling in paintball when u bunker someone. I feel like an all star when I do it! Haha have fun everyone keep trying and playing."

its the best experience yet! especially when the other guy says 'what the?' just when you splater 20 balls in his face rofl

Dec 12, 2007
I've made the mistake
by: Colbey

i have done wat not 2 does. but i've learned.... i didnt space and i got LIT UP.... :( haha thx 4 the help my coach/captain was trying to teach me but i did'nt listen that much i am normally the front player so i dont bunker....P.S. if u play speedball,, get in the snake asap...My team & i have finshed a match in 20sec...Full court press later

Dec 07, 2007
by: huskybrian

Yes, I LOVE this move!

I know what you mean about feeling like an all-star when you execute this perfectly! When I discuss maneuvers with people, they always talk about strong sides and pinching, but those aren't moves, they're general strategies. Now THIS is a move!

I differ from you on one item, however: I prefer to execute this move when the team is HIGH in numbers, instead of low numbers. I understand where you're coming from: it's a rather risky move, and it's a nice way to clean up. However, I feel like Master Chief when I run straight behind enemy lines and bunker a n00b!

This is how you can get away with it:

I always work together with one other man. We coordinate our fire to cover each other. This is pretty standard. Usually we'll caterpillar up the field until we reach resistance. When this happens, he'll stay put and initiate what we call a "contact point." We center our strategy around the contact point.

He'll hit the dirt and lay down some paint while I run directly away from the enemy. This is the worse thing for them to see, b/c I'm almost immediately out of sight. Next, I run to the side and set up a flanking maneuver. I'm still far enough that they can't see me.

When I'm ready to bunker those n00bs, I'll radio to my buddy to draw fire. This means I want the enemy to shoot at him, not me. So he'll usually stand up and move/shoot a little. I'll immediately charge the enemy from the side, and slightly behind. Since they're getting fire from 2 points, all they can do is bunker down. Mean while, my buddy gives me suppressive fire, shooting anyone who shoots at me.

This is like your bunkering move, but it uses support from a second man to get away with charging on multiple enemies. They usually don't even see me until I've taken at least one guy out. So even if I'm eliminated during the move, I still have a decent kill ratio, and either way, I'm all the talk after the game!

The most important element when bunkering a n00b, in my opinion, is constant movement. It's hard to kill a guy who''s running, especially if you have a semi-auto. from the time I initiate the move to the time I hit the dirt, I NEVER stop running. This is a quite workout, and requires some good anti-fog, but it's worth it!

Thanks for reading, and good luck!


Dec 03, 2007
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Great!!!!!! It taught me alot about bunkering. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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