Feed Necks and Hoppers

by Carl Watkins
(Tyler TX 75708)

Feed Necks and Hoppers: have you ever broken the plastic feed neck that comes with your Marker. Well a lot of people know how that goes especially when its a $120.00 hopper that falls and breaks well now no more worries. Clamping Feed necks are getting Cheaper especially for Spyder owners. You have 4 different types 1 is With Holes the other is With Tabs and the 3rd for the MR series and the 4th for the VS/RS series. It depends on your Marker if you have a Imagine Victor Victor 2 Aggressor E spirit or AMG you will need the one with Holes.

If you have a Pilot ACS Xtra Sonix TLR Fenix ACS TLX or Rodeo you need the one With Tabs
the VS1 & RS Have a neck that screws off and screw the Clamping neck on.

The MR clamping neck just remove 3 screws and dont loose you ball stopper replace with the clamping neck and replace screws simple

If you have a Semi Auto or ACS the best way to tell what you need is easy if the stock neck has 2 screwholes going through it holding it down you need the one with Holes

If it has two little ears or (tabs you need the neck for Tabs.

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